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Constant  Effort Supports

An EQUALBALANCE™  constant effort supports is a reliable counter-balance with the counterbalance forces actingt with specific momnet arms. By using varying lever arms and spring coil load variation, an accurate constant supporting force is obtained.  EQUALBALANCE™ Hangers provide constant support forces for piping systems which move vertically due to thermal expansion or contraction and where the transfer of support load to adjacent hangers and/or equipment is not acceptable.
These constant effort supports have been thoroughly time-tested as evidenced by years of successful operation in a large number of steam generating stations, oil refineries and chemical plants throughout the world.

Types of Constant Effort Supports

EQUALBALANCE™ constant spring hangers are available in seven different types and a broad variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of loads, movements and hanger arrangements.  Each hanger has built-in upper and lower stops to limit hte travel a mininum of 12.5% beyond the specified actual travel range.  Further, the hanger is pinned at the prest position for the purpose of facititation istallation at a specitied position and making it a rigid hanger for the purposes of hydrostatic testing.

Constant Effort Supports-Construction

All EQUALBALANCE™ Constant Effort Supports are manufactured in conformance with government regulations and industry codes where applicable.  Among these are the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ - Codes for Pressure Piping (ASME B31.1 Code for Power Piping and ASME B31.3 Code for Chemical Plant and Petroleum Refinery Piping), the Manufacturers Standardization Society Standards SP - 58 and SP - 69 and the U.S. Government Federal Specification WWW - H - 171 for pipe hangers and supports.  Materials and workmanship of the High Quality along with conservative designs are used to improve the operating life of the EQUALBALANCE™ Constant Effort supports in severe service applications.  Spring coils of a conservative design are used to guard against any relaxation while in use.  All pivot points including lower load rod pivot, are equipped with lifetime, low-friction bearings mounted in accurately constructed and machined frames and assemblies.

For more information on how to select proper size using our charts please download our catalog.

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Constant Spring Hangers

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