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 Insulated Pipe Supports 

Insulated Pipe Supports-Cold Shoes

The TRI*FOAM™ molded rigid polyurethane pipe saddles and supports are a family of pipe support and restraint units especially designed for low temperature and cryogenic service. A wide variety of designs are offered from the 60 degree wedge to the 180 degree saddle, and further to the 360 degree full encirclement unit. We also offer layered units for extreme service conditions. TRI*FOAM™ saddles are molded high density polyurethane units with a low "K" factor (thermal conductivity). When the units are subjected to temperatures in the range of -425 degrees F to plus 200 degrees F, TRI*FOAM™'s physical characteristics, including compressive strength, will not be significantly affected.

Insulated Pipe Supports-Hot Shoes

The TRI*CAL™ rigid Calcium silicate pipe saddles and supports are a family of pipe support and restraint units similar to the TRI*FOAM™ except they are designed for high temperature service. TRI*CAL™ is offered with the same options as the TRI*FOAM™. TRI*CAL™ is designed for line temperature service that ranges from -10 degrees F, to plus 1200 degrees F without affecting the physical characteristics including the compressive strength.

AAA Technology's TRI*FOAM™ & TRI*CAL™ pipe saddles and supports are available with vapor barriers and/or steel shields as well as in combination with the TRI*SLIDE™ low friction pipe supports. Specially designed and manufactured units are also available upon request.



TRI*FOAM™ Cold Shoes

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TRI*CAL™ Hot Shoes

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