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Ribbed Insulation Protection Shield

FIG 803

APPLICATION:  Fig. 803 Ribbed Insulation Protection Shields are used to distribute a concentrated support load over a larger area and thereby prevent the crushing of insulation at the support point.  The ribs in a Fig. 803 Ribbed Insulation Protection Shield are intended to provide resistance against the hanger strap moving along the length of the shield. 
CONSTRUCTION:  Depending upon the outside diameter of the insulated piping, the shield is rolled from carbon steel ranging in thickness from 12 gauge to 18 gauge.
ALTERNATIVES:  AAA Technology offers Urethane Pipe Saddles, TRI*FOAM™ supports, as well as machined Wood Blocks, TRI*CAL supports, for the support of chilled water and refrigeration piping. Contact AAA Technology for details.
FINISHES AVAILABLE:  Black, Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro-Plated or Painted.
ORDERING:  Specify figure number, exact outside diameter of insulated line by length of shield desired, name and finish, if other than black.
EXAMPLE:  Fig. 803, 8.625” Dia. X 12” long, Ribbed Insulation Protection Shield, Electro-Plated.


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