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Pipe Covering Protection Saddle Insulation

FIG 842

APPLICATION:  Insulation Protection Saddles are used to:  1.) Prevent pipe insulation from being crushed at pipe support locations, and  2.) Minimize heat losses by providing for the application of a continuous outer weather tight covering over the insulation and the saddle.
CONSTRUCTION:  The saddles are made from steel plate, shaped to fit to the shape of the outside of the insulation.  The edges of the saddles are turned so that they are radial to the pipe centerline for maximum strength.  The edges are notched out at the pipe to saddle contact points so as to provide for a minimum of bearing against the pipe and therefore a minimum of heat loss.  All saddles are supplied in 12” lengths. For pipe diameters of 10” or smaller, Insulation Protection Saddles will be supplied with two edges only.  For pipe diameters of 12” or larger, Insulation Protection Saddles will be supplied with two edges and a welded-in center plate.
INSTALLATION:  It is advisable to spot weld each Insulation Protection Saddle to the piping system at the time of installation in order to insure that the saddle is held in place during piping system operation.  Insulation Protection Saddles are not to be allowed to move with respect to the pipe and the combined pipe and saddle are to move in unison as the pipe expands or contracts due to temperature changes in the piping.
LOADS:  When a Insulation Protection Saddle is used in conjunction with a pipe roll, the maximum load given for the pipe roll also applies to the saddle. In the event that a saddle is to be used on a flat bearing surface, contact AAA Technology for the appropriate load ratings.
SPECIALS:  Saddles of special materials, lengths or construction can be furnished upon request.
NOTE:  When ordering Insulation Protection Saddles and Pipe Rolls, remember that the size of the pipe roll must be larger than the nominal diameter of the pipe. The pipe roll must be purchased to fit the outside diameter of the Insulation Protection Saddle. See size/selection chart in the pipe roll section for sizing assistance.
FINISHES AVAILABLE:  Black, Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro-Plated or Painted. Stainless Steel Insulation Protection Saddles are available by special order.
ORDERING:  Specify figure number, name, Insulation O.D. and finish, if other than black.
EXAMPLE:  Fig. 842, Insulation Protection Saddle, Insulation O.D.= 8.625, HDG.

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pipe roller insulation chart

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