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Pipe Shoes and Pipe Supports


AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc. is proud to provide a complete line of Pipe Shoes and Saddle supports.  We offer Pipe Shoes and saddles in three categories:  Split Beam construction, welded flat bar or double upright construction in accordance to your requirements and dimensions.  In addition, we can supply these in various guided shoe assemblies as illustrated.

These shoes can be built with our TRI*SLIDE slide bearings finished in PTFE over PTFE, Stainless Steel over PTFE, stainless Steel over Graphite, or any other combination that you require.  We are also able to supply Meehanite & Alloys for high temperature applications,  Permali or Composite Supports for Cryogenic applications, and can fabricate these out of machined block or poured to specific needs.

Pipe shoes and saddle supports

AAA Technology & Specialty Co., Inc. pipe shoes are constructed in accordance with the rules and regulations specified and defined by the Quality Assurance Procedures for Pipe Supports Manufactured per ASME b31.1, B31.2, B31.3, B31.4, B31.5, B31.8, B31.9 & B31.9 Piping Codes, the ANSI/AWS D1.1 and the MSS SP-58 and MSS SP-69 Standards.

pipe shoe double upright split beam welded flat bar













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How to order pipe shoes

Base plate details for pipe shoes

pipe shoe 5000 pipe shoe 5010 pipe shoe 5020
FIG 5000 FIG 5010 FIG 5020

Split Beam Pipe Shoes

Pipe shoe with gusset1 pipes shoe with gusset2 Pipe shoe with gusset3
FIG 5001 FIG 5011 FIG 5021

Split Beam Pipe Shoes with Gusset

pipe shoe 5100 pipe shoe 5110 pipe shoe 5120
FIG 5100 FIG 5110 FIG 5120

Fabricated Pipe Shoes

Pipe shoes with gusset1 Pipe shoes with gusset2 Pipe shoes with gusset3
FIG 5101 FIG 5111 FIG 5121

Fabricated Pipe Shoes with Gusset

pipe shoe 5200 pipe shoe 5210 pipe shoe 5220
FIG 5200 FIG 5210 FIG 5220

Double Upright Pipe Shoes

FIG 5500

Pipe Saddle 5500