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Vibration Control and Sway Brace

Adjustable Preload Assembly E365

sway brace assembly E365 This sway brace consist of a male rod extension piece with an adjustable nut, a lock nut, a sway brace unit, a connector rod with a thrust nut, a lock nut and rod coupling  This unit can be attached to the existing sway brace hardware.
This unit allows for preload adjustment.  The adjustment nut can be turned until the desire preload is shown by the indicator.  The thrust nut should also be turned until it is in contact with the spring plate.
Lock nuts should then be tightened against the thrust nut and the adjustment nut.

Ordering:  Specify the figure number (E365), name (vibration control and sway brace with adjustable preload), sway brace size (1 thru 6), desired "L" dimension, material, if other than carbon steel, and finish.

Example:  Fig E365 Vibration control and sway brace with adjustable preload, Size 2, L = 24", HDG

sway brace chart E365

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