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Pipe Clamp

Sway Brace Pipe Clamp E380

sway brace pipe clamp
sway brace pipe clamp
Application:  These pipe clamps are for use with Sway Brace Assemblies E355, E360, E370 & E375.

Features:  Maximum design temperature is 650 Fahrenheit
                Design angle minimum is 5 degree.

Selecting the correct sway strut clamp:  Once the sway brace assembly has been properly sized and selected, the clamp can be easily specified by stating the figure number of the clamp allowed by a dash and the sway brace size (1-6).

Construction:  A-36 Carbon steel, special materials available or request.

Finishes available:  Carbon steel - black, painted, or Hot dip galvanized.

Ordering:  Specify Name (Pipe clamp for sway brace assembly), E380- sway brace size (1-6), pipe diameter, material, if other than carbon steel, and finish.

Example:  Pipe clamp for sway brace assembly, E380-4, 12" pipe diameter, HDG.


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