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 Threaded Sway Strut Assembly
with field welded extension piece
E-320 (alternate design)

sway strut e320 p1 Threaded sway strut assemblies are used in power plant and process plants of all types to restrain movement of piping in one direction while allowing for movement lateral to the axis of the sway strut.  A welded sway strut allows for adjustment of the length in the field at the time of installation. Download our catalog for features, selection sizes, construction, and installation.

sway strut e320 c1

Sway Struts Main

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sway strut e300 Welded sway strut assembly
sway strut e301 Short welded sway strut assembly
sway strut e305 Threaded sway strut assembly
sway struts e310 Pipe clamp for sway strut assembly
sway strut e315 Threaded sway strut assembly.
Options 1, 2 and 3.
sway strut e320 Threaded sway strut assembly with field welded extension
sway strut 3325 Pipe clamp for sway strut assembly.  Figs. 315 & 320
sway strut e330 Replacement threaded sway strut