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 Insulated Pipe Saddles

This is an exclusive premier product where traditional metal pipe saddles do not provide all of the requirements needed for particular applications. TRI*COMPOSITE™ is a unique product that enhances temperature and corrosion insulation properties. These Insulated Pipe Saddles also have greater fire retardant capabilities than exclusively Polyurethane supports.
TRI*COMPOSITE™ Pipe Saddles avoid metal-to-metal contact and can be used on insulated or un-insulated pipelines. These Pipe Saddles act as insulators and prevent surface corrosion by keeping out moisture, isolating electrical continuity and have a superior chemical resistance.
Made from Fiberglass reinforced Vinyl Ester or Epoxy resins it provides a non-conductive surface that has from 35,000 to 45,000 psi compressive strength and operating temperatures from -60° F to 275° F depending on selected materials.
Where required, we can provide Polypropylene, Aramid or Carbon fiber reinforcement to even further enhance the flexure, impact and vibration resistance or strength of your unique application needs.

Our TRI*COMPOSITE™ Pipe Saddles insulates from induced electrical currents that may filter from the ground acting as a barrier that can cause localized corrosion to your pipe line while also inhibiting electrical shock. It further is lighter and more transportable speeding up installations and reducing transportation costs.
Our TRI*COMPOSITE™ Pipe Saddles have the fiberglass reinforced matrix bonded to various densities of Polyurethane Foam core. These combined materials provide greater bearing strengths while at the same time acting as a corrosion, electrical and insulation barrier.
TRI*COMPOSITE™ Guided Pipe Supports are available for medium and heavy duty rated supports . These are stainless over stainless or PTFE over stainless as described in our TRI*SLIDE™ guides.




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insulated pipe saddles