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Insulated Pipe Supports

 Polyurethane Insulation


TRI*CORE™ is another premier Composite Insulation Shield exclusive from AAA TECHNOLGY & SPECIALTIES CO., INC.  This product designed as a composite reinforced material can be up to 40 times stiffer and at least 10 times stronger than Polyurethane Insulation alone, depending on thickness and selected densities.  It is used for areas that will be exposed to rubbing, vibration or small impact loadings while dramatically increasing strength.  It replaces the need for a vapor barriers, internal shielding and the use of mastics.

TRI*CORE™ acts as a second skin protection, reinforcing the contact surface.  The Fiberglass reinforced materials bonded to the Polyurethane Foam core acts as a continuous multi-directional "I-Beam", which is proportionally stronger and stiffer depending on the thickness and density of the insulation.

Made from molded Fiberglass reinforced Vinyl Ester and Epoxy resins bonded to Polyurethane Foam, TRI*CORE™ Insulation provides a non-conductive surface that enhances the compressive strength of the Polyurethane.  It further can be glued directly to the pipe using epoxy adhesives.  Being non-metallic this product not only insulates but also prevents surface induced corrosion by keeping out moisture while also isolating from electrical continuity and has a superior chemical resistance.
Our TRI*CORE™ Pipe Supports insulates from induced electrical currents that may filter from the ground acting as a barrier that can cause localized corrosion to your pipeline while also inhibiting electrical shock. It further is lighter and more transportable, speeding up installations and reducing transportation costs.  These combined materials provide greater bearing strengths while at the same time acting as a corrosion, electrical and insulation barrier.
TRI*CORE™ is available as an Internal/External or Double-Walled Composite Polyurethane sandwiched material.
When used as a single composite over/under the Polyurethane Insulation, the contact surface acts as a wear pad, capable of handling some friction and protecting the foam component internally or externally, while adding additional strength as a "T-Beam".  The double-walled version protects the insulation both internally and externally and acts as a continuous "I-Beam", for enhanced strength and rigidity.
Light Duty TRI*CORE™ composites insulation is typically used with a single composite internal or external pad bonded to the Polyurethane which is made of 2 lb./in² to 6 lb./in² density insulation.  UV mastic coating can be added to any exposed surfaces.

Medium Duty TRI*CORE™ composites is used with a medium density foam of 8 lb/in² to 12 lb/in² with either an internal or external composite surface. In medium duty applications, double-walled surfaces can be added for internal and external support where enhanced strength characteristics where needed.

Heavy Duty TRI*CORE™ composites is used with 12 lb./in² to 20 lb./in² density foam with either an internal or external composite surface. The composite component can also be thicker to increase strength and is used preferably for heavy load applications as double-walled high density Polyurethane foam core.
TRI*CORE™ Pipe supports can be used with our standard galvanized or painted steel pipe supports or our exclusive TRI*COMPOSITE™ Pipe Supports, please refer to our Composite Catalog for additional details.  Our Pipe Supports are optionally available with our TRI*SLIDE™ Low Friction Slide Bearings that allow axial movement that can be guided or directionally constrained.  Please refer to our TRI*SLIDE™ catalog for types, capacities and sizing for your slide bearing needs. These are stainless over stainless or PTFE over stainless and even Graphite over stainless as described in our TRI*SLIDE™ guides.

TRI*SLIDE™ Brochure in PDF

TRI*SLIDE™ High Temperature Brochure in PDF

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