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FRP Wear Pad

Made from FRP fiberglass reinforced plastic (vinyl ester and epoxy resins), TRI*WEAR™ Wear Pads provide a non-conductive surface that has from 35,000 to 45,000 psi compressive strength and operating temperatures from -60°F to 500°F.  Where required, instead of Fiberglass provide Polypropylene, Aramid or Carbon fiber reinforcement to even further enhance the flexure, impact resistance or strength of your unitque application needs.  FRP wear pads have a track record for providing effective corrosion prevention at a cost effective price under extreme conditions.  Basic FRP wear pads uses are preventing metal to metal contact, corrosion damage or friction damange.


Wear Pad TRI*WEAR™

frp wear padTRI*WEAR™ are our premier pipe protection surface pads for areas that will be exposed to rubbing, vibration or small impact loadings. TRI*WEAR™ acts as a second skin protection reinforcing the contact surface. They act as insulators and prevent surface induced corrosion by keeping out moisture, isolating electrical continuity and have superior chemical resistance. TRI*WEAR™ Wear Pads eliminate metal to metal contact and corrosion.



TRI*GUARD™ Durable Thermoplastic Supports

Corrosion between pipe supports and pipe at metal to metal contact points is a common problem in the process industry. TRI*GUARD™ thermoplastic bars placed under the pipe and around U-bolts, when lateral pipe restraint is required, eliminate most metal to metal contact and therefore the resultant corrosion. With TRI*GUARD™, water no longer pools on pipe support surfaces under the pipe. Water runs off due to the TRI*GUARD™ shape. TRI*GUARD™ prevents electrical conductivity between the pipe and the pipe support member. TRI*GUARD™ can be used at operating temperatures up to 250°F (120°C) and under all pipe diameters up to 48”. TRI*GUARD™ are available for higher temperature applications, however corrosion is generally not an issue on higher temperature piping systems. See our TRI*BOLT™ product line for coated U-bolts to be used with TRI*GUARD™ supports when lateral restraint is required.

TRI*BOLT™ with TRI*COAT™UV Resistant Coating

 TRI*BOLT™ corrosion resistant restraints prevent the pipe from moving upwards as well as laterally.  When it is necessary to limit lateral movement of a pipe, TRI•BOLT™ is the right selection for loads that are not excessive.  For higher lateral load capacities, use pairs of TRI•BOLTs™ as shown in the illustration at the bottom of this page. The TRI•COAT™ protective layer is bonded to the U-bolt surface thermally. The TRI•COAT™ protective layer prevents electrical conductivity between the pipe and the U-bolt member. TRI•COAT™ is UV resistant which translates to longer product life. TRI•BOLT™ can be used at operating temperatures up to 225°F (107°C) and can be provided in carbon steel with a HDG finish, 304 SS or 316 SS.

Corrosion Protection Products


These shoes are easy to install and greatly reduce the “Installed Cost” per shoe. They can be epoxied to the pipe or banded as shown. Made from high density polyurethane foam cores (cut by numerical control equipment) with a toughened FRP outer shell, the shoe has enhanced thermal insulating properties while preventing electrical conductivity and corrosion and can be used for pipes from -350°F up to 225°F. Our TRI*COMPOSITE™ Pipe Supports are available in light and heavy duty, strapped or bonded in pipe diameters of ¾” to 36”.