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Fig. 533 Concrete Attachment Plate w/Welding Lug


beam attachment APPLICATION:  Concrete Single Lug Plates are used in conjunction with Fig. 415 Forged Steel Clevises to attach pipe hanger rods to concrete ceilings.
Fig. 533 provides for limited vertical adjustment of the hanger rod and allows for rotation about the axis of the pin.
CONSTRUCTION:  Carbon Steel - A-36, Special materials available on request.
FINISHES AVAILABLE:  Carbon Steel - Black, Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized. Stainless Steel – Plain.
ORDERING:  Specify figure number (Fig. 533), name (concrete single lug plate), rod diameter and finish.
EXAMPLE:  Fig. 533 concrete single lug plate, 1 1/4" dia. rod, HDG.

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