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Clevis Hangers w/Welded Shield

Fig. 606

clevis hangers APPLICATION:  Fig. 606 Clevis Hangers with Welded Shields are used to support insulated piping while preventing the crushing of the insulation or vapor barrier by the clevis hangers.  Elevation adjust-ment is provided for as with a Standard Clevis Hanger.  Temporary support is not required for the piping while elevation changes are being made.
CONSTRUCTION:  A Fig. 606 Clevis Hanger with Welded Shield is a combination of the Fig. 603 Clevis Hanger and the Fig. 800 Insulation Protection Shield.  The Insulation Protection Shield is rolled carbon steel plate and the Clevis Hanger consists of a yoke and a support strap made from shaped carbon steel plate or bar stock and a joining bolt.
NOTE:  Fig. 606 does not include hanger rod or nuts as shown in the picture.
FINISHES AVAILABLE:  Black, Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro-Plated or Painted.
ORDERING:  Specify figure number, nominal pipe diameter from chart, name and finish, if other than black.

clevis hangers chart