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Clevis Hanger - Standard PVC Coated

Fig. 612

clevis hangers APPLICATION:  A PVC Coated Standard Clevis Hanger provides for sizeable loads to be supported and for an elevation adjustment of ½ inch to 3 ¾ inches depending upon the pipe diameter/hanger size.  Temporary support is not required for the piping while elevation changes are being made.  The lower nut adjusts the piping to the proper elevation and the upper nut, when locked into position, pre-vents loosening due to vibration.  The PVC coating prevents electroly-sis between the pipe and the hanger and it reduces transmitted noise and vibration.
CONSTRUCTION:  A Fig. 612 PVC Coated Clevis Hanger consists of a yoke and a support strap made from shaped carbon steel plate or bar stock and a joining bolt.  The support strap is coated with PVC to a point just above the centerline of the pipe.
NOTE: Fig. 612 does not include hanger rod or nuts as shown in picture.
ORDERING: Specify figure number, nominal pipe diameter and name.

clevis hangers chart