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2-Bolt Emergency Pipe Clamp
Fig. 711


APPLICATION: Fig. 711 2-Bolt Emergency pipe clamps are used to stop leaks on a temporay basis until permanent corrective action can be taken.  A Fig. 711 2-Bolt emergency pipe clamp is placed over a hard neoprene plug that is placed over a pin-hole leak in a process line and the clamp is tightened until the leak is stopped.  The emergency clamp apllication must be monitered frequently to insure that the leak does not resume.  If the leak occurs again, tighten the clamp bolts until the leak stops.  If desired, emergency clamps can be supplied in alloy or stanless steel.

CONSTRUCTION: Fig. 711 2-Bolt emergency pipe clamps are made from carbon stell plate or bar stock and are provided with two bolts and nuts. bars bent to shape and held together by two carbon steel bolts.
FINISHES AVAILABLE: Black, Hot Dip Galvanized or Painted.
ORDERING: Specify figure number, nominal pipe diameter, name and finish, if other than black.
EXAMPLE: Fig. 711, 8”, 2-Bolt emergency clamp, HDG.

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Hardware Main

u bolt u bolt light duty u bolt heavy duty
FIG 700 FIG 703 FIG 706
pipe clamp 2 bolt standard pipe clamp 2 bolt intemidiate pipe clamp 2 bolt heavy
FIG 712 FIG 715 FIG 718
pipe clamp 2 bolt x heavy 3 bolt pipe clamp standard 3 bolt pipe clamp intermidiate
FIG 721 FIG 724 FIG 727
pipe clamp 3 bolt heavy pipe clamp 3 bolt x heavy pipe clamp alloy
FIG 730 FIG 733 FIG 736
pipe clamp alloy intermidiate alloy yoke pipe clamp alloy yoke pipe clamp HD
FIG 739 FIG 748 FIG 751
riser pipe clamp offset pipe clamp extended pipe clamp
FIG 754 FIG 763 FIG 766
riser pipe clamp