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Paddle Eye Rod

Fig. 469

eye rods APPLICATION:  Paddle Eye Rods are designed for service where extreme loading is required and are ideally suited for use with our large Variable or Constant Effort Spring hangers.
CONSTRUCTION:  Paddle Eye Rods are available in diameters of 1 ½ inches thru 5 inches, and are fabricated from SA-36 plate and bar stock.  Threads are UNC, class 2 fit, four threads per inch for 2 ½ inch diameter and larger. A special bearing may be pressed into the paddle to allow for universal movement.
FINISHES AVAILABLE:  Black, Hot Dip Galvanized, Electro-Plated or Painted.
ORDERING: Specify figure number, rod diameter X Eye Rod length (center of eye to tip of rod), name, with or without Bearing and finish, if other than black.

eye rods chart