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Threaded Pipe Rods - Hardware


AAA Technology is the one stop shopping for your engineered piping hardware needs.  Anything from lock washers, hex nuts, turnbuckles, steel clevis pins,  turnbuckles, weld less eye rods  and rod couplings are available.  Our Threaded Pipe Rod catalog is just one of five hardware catalogs. Beam attachments, clevis hangers, pipe clamps, pipe rollers and anchor bolts to complete your pipe hardware needs.   
Forty years in business, with major suppliers, we have the prices you want for the hardware you need.

An all threaded  pipe rod as shown below is the most vesatile type of hanger rod. It is threaded for the entire length of the rod, and it may be cut to any length and used without additional threading being required.  A machine thread pipe rod is designed to be used as a hanger rod ans thread on each end to allow adjustment of overall hanger length when used with end attachments as turnbuckles or eyenuts.

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