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Piping Resources

  • TRIFLEX® Windows
    PipingSolutions develops, markets and supports high quality, engineering software for the design of piping and equipment. In addition, PipingSolutions offers consulting services applying our engineering software to solve engineering design problems. TRIFLEX® Windows is a Piping System Stress Analysis Software & Design Program that provides user-friendly data entry, an extremely flexible output report generator and superior input & output graphics.
  • Plant-4D
    CEA Technology is a leading software developer for software applications in the field engineering and construction. CEA has been operating since 1987 and aims its efforts at the process and power industries.
  • WERCO 107/297™
    Analysis of Stresses in Pressure Vessels and Tank Shells at Nozzle and Clip Connections Resulting from External Loads.
  • TRI*TANK650™
    TRI*TANK650™ designs or re-rates cylindrical tanks with sloped or flat-bottoms in accordance with API 650 Standard, "Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage", 8th. 9th. or 10th. Editions. Wind and seismic loads can be applied in the re-rating or design modes, and the allowable criteria of several different wind and seismic standards can be applied.
    TRI*HEADER™ designs and rates converging tree piping networks, including flare headers and gathering systems. It utilizes a built-in component database to perform rigorous VLE, heat transfer, and two-phase compressible flow calculations to accurately predict fluid behavior in the network.