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Big Ton Spring Support

Hi-Load Box Springs

Hi-Load Box Springs (also known as Big Ton Springs) have been manufactured by AAA Technology to carry weights of more than 310,000 lbs. while accommodating movements of almost an inch.  Hi-Load box springs ( Big-Ton ) are specifically designed for your specific load and travel requirements.  Earthquake loads, wind loads, tube bundle pulling loads and other occasional loads can be incorporated in the desigh of the specific Hi-Load Box spring ( Big-Ton ) to meeet your needs. Hi-Load box springs (Big-ton ) function as a horizontal anchor while allowing vertical movement where stability of high loading is expected.

AAA Technology prides itself in building these custom fabricated  Hi-Load box springs ( Big Ton springs ) for the industrial market in accordance with the industry's MSS Standards.  Send your specifications for a quote at big-ton@aaatech.com

AAA Technology offering a wide selection of constant spring hangers and variable spring hangers, look at our catalogs page.


Big Ton and Upright variable spring support

big ton pipe support high load support


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